Bieber mania @ work!

Today teen star and Usher protege Justin Bieber was at the Radio 1/1Xtra HQ and a crowd of about 100 young girls congregated for 5 hours outside the building, waiting all day long to see him. God knows why they wern’t at school. Screams could be heard on the 4th floor anytime anyone vaguely famous walked in and when he actually arrived it was like a literal road block.

I went down to take pictures while he was in the studio with Westwood and as he was leaving Justin turned to Westwood and said ‘you didn’t let me do a freestyle!’ so he let him do one which was quite amusing. Back outside the crowd was in a frenzy as Justin left the building, screaming and surrounding him as he was getting in the car, shoving pictures in his face to sign and taking photos.

And just seen that his latest video has had over 31 million (yes MILLION) views on youtube and it’s only been up a month!


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